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18. Appeal

There are different kinds of appeals: direct appeals, discretionary appeals, and Petitions for a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Appeals of criminal convictions are direct appeals. If the conviction was for a death penalty case, the appeal will be docketed in the Supreme Court. If the appellate issues involve constitutional issues, it will also be filed in the Supreme Court. Otherwise, appeals will be filed in the Court of Appeals. Discretionary appeals are for issues involving non-final court rulings, probation revocations, and other limited scenarios. The Writ of Habeas Corpus is the oldest time-honored vehicle to collaterally attack convictions in the court of conviction or the county of incarceration. For more information of the appellate process, call our office for an appointment with a successful appellate attorney. At CLC, we believe that our clients are valuable and each individual case is unique. We provide services to all of Gainesville and surrounding areas to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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With our highly qualified attorney, those in the Gainesville area turn to CLC to help assist them in all of their legal needs whether it be to fight for an appeal, criminal defense matters, family law matters, or even immigration services. We are not limited to helping you whatever the legal advice or services you may needs. Feel free to call us at CLC and set up an appointment to meet face to face with one of our specialize attorneys to further discuss out legal services.

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