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4. Choosing a Lawyer

If you are a suspect, you definitely need a lawyer. When dealing with legal actions, it is important to know all the facts and rights that you are allowed. In Gainesville and surrounding areas, the CLC is know in having the best experience in criminal defense. Whether you are a suspect in a case, accused of drug procession, DUI or any other legal matter we are here to assist you. Our highly qualified attorneys are able to focus on their individual clients to give them their full attention and care. With our around the clock services, we are available whenever you need. When choosing a lawyer, choose CLC so that you can rest assure your case will be handled thoroughly and professionally.

Criminal Law in Georgia

Fourth Rule of Criminal Defense:

Choose a great lawyer, and you will have a great defense. Choose an average lawyer, and you will have an average defense.

It will do you no good to get a cheap lawyer. In this business, you get what you pay for. Also, you should choose a lawyer quickly, lest you waste away in Pretrial detention while the evidence of your innocence goes stale.

Experienced Defense Lawyer

A great lawyer will work the case hard on the front end, not wait around to see what happens next. A great lawyer will gather the evidence and witness statements you will need to fight the charges being considered against you. A great lawyer will dissuade the police from making an arrest in the first place. This is your first chance, and perhaps the most important chance, of getting off this ride before your reputation is smeared by a lazy investigation or a careless accusation.

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