Gainesville Criminal Defense Attorney

In Gainesville and surrounding areas, we at CLC are known for our reputation of exceptional services and are dedicated to representing you in any criminal defense matters. We offer services that are available for felony and misdemeanor charges that include but are not limited to weapon possession, drug possession, theft, domestic violence, and DUI charges. Whatever the situation may be we at CLC are available to offer our services and represent clients in front of a court of law.

Buford DUI Defense Lawyer

In cases of DUI or DWI felonies it is important to choose an attorney who you can trust to handle this process. We believe that every case is important and are here to offer any advice to help each client receive their full set rights. If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney in Gainesville you can trust that the CLC is here to help you with our expertise in criminal defense. We will work around the clock to insure your needs are being met.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

You are about to take a ride on the Criminal Justice Highway. There are many speed bumps along the way, and many stops where you can successfully get off this ride. Most of the following is written about the State system. The Federal system is slightly different. Either way, you need a great lawyer to help you navigate this path! Click below to learn more about any one of these areas.

1. Suspect in an Investigation
2. Suspect in a DUI
3. Multiple Suspects
4. Choosing a Lawyer
5. Arrested for a Crime
6. Posting a Bail Bond
7. The First Appearance Hearing
8. The Preliminary Hearing
9. Defense Investigation
10. Grand Jury Indictment
11. Arraignment
12. Pretrial Motions Calendar
13. Calendar Calls
14. Guilty Plea or Trial? Jury Trial vs. Bench Trial
15. Verdict
16. Sentencing
17. Motion for New Trial
18. Appeal

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