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5. Arrested for a Crime

After a brief investigation, or sometimes even at the scene of a crime, a suspect will be arrested. Police officers don’t like unsolved cases. They are going to make a charging decision as soon as possible. If you are in their line of fire, it may be you. Again, say nothing other than, “I will not talk to you. I want my lawyer.” You cannot simply remain silent — you must clearly verbalize your demand for a lawyer. In Gainesville and surrounding areas, we at CLC are known for our expertise in criminal defense. We are here to provided you with any attorney services you may need.

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When you are arrested for a crime, this is the time to act like a gentleman or lady. This is not the right time to plead your case or apologize for your conduct. Your words will fall on deaf ears and the indifference or even rudeness you experience will only make you upset. If you have the misfortune of being wanted by another agency or jurisdiction, you may also face extradition to that other place for prosecution.

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We at CLC, believe in giving our full attention to each client and provide criminal defense against drunk driving, drug possession, weapon possession, domestic violence and many more criminal defense cases. With our offices located in Gainesville, we are available around the clock to ensure you are receiving our full attention.

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