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13. Calendar Calls

This is merely a status update meeting with the judge. It is often a good time to point out that the State has not given you the discovery materials. Cases are called in order of indictment/accusation number. Judges generally don’t like old cases lingering on their calendars. So you can expect that the cases will be tried when ready and with preference to oldest cases first. At the calendar call, you can tell the judge whether the case is ready for trial or not, and if not ready, why not — what is needed to get the case ready? Are motions needed? Is evidence missing? Are witnesses available? Are there any scheduling issues? Generally, the defendant is expected to appear for this calendar call, though you should follow your Attorney’s instructions in that regard. If your attorney has been able to convince the State of your innocence, the State may announce a dismissal (also called a Nolle Prosequi) of your charges. When looking for a trusted Gainesville attorney, look no further that Corso Law Center. We work to assist you as the client so that you feel like a valued and all your legal needs are met.

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At CLC, we know this information may become confusing. That is why we are here to help assist you through this process. Let us help accommodate your needs whether you have been convicted of a felony, receive a DUI, need assistance in family law, or even immigration matters. At our Gainesville office location, our attorneys meet face to face with clients to ensure that we understand every detail of your case to defend you in a trial. CLC just the place to help assist your legal matters however large or small they may be. We are just a phone call away.

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