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9. Defense Investigation

You can win your client’s trial by showing all the holes in the government’s case. But it’s infinitely more satisfying to win the trial by solving the case the government couldn’t solve AND proving your client is not just not guilty, but actually INNOCENT! We do this by conducting our own investigation with all the passion and commitment missing from the government’s investigation. At CLC located in Gainesville, we are known in this area as the most trusted law firm around. Each attorney that is a part of CLC is dedicated to their work and handles each case with the utmost professionalism and care regarding legal matters.

Buford Defense Investigation Experts

At our Gainesville location, we at CLC believe evidence of the innocence should be developed early in the case. It is important to preserve it every way possible. If phone records will show where you were or who you were talking to, get the phone service provider a subpoena to preserve the information. Sometimes these records are destroyed after just a few weeks. Georgia law says that the prosecutor need not produce discoverable evidence to the defense until 10 days before trial.

Professional Preliminary Hearing Attorney and More

The CLC is known in Gainesville for their trusted services no matter the legal need. Our list of services are vast and accommodating to your needs.  We are very hand on in every case to ensure you feel valued as a client. We are experts in preliminary hearings, defense investigation, DUI charges, felonies, divorce, family law, immigration services, and many more aspects of law. At CLC, we believe each case is unique and give our individual attention to each case that we encounter.
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