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10. Grand Jury Indictment

The Grand Jury must consider sworn testimonial evidence from government witnesses in order to authorize the further prosecution of any capital felony or any serious violent felony. Some simple felony drug cases may be prosecuted by an accusation, a simple written charge prepared by the prosecutor. No misdemeanors are considered by the Grand Jury unless they are incident to a felony charge. The Grand Jury has enormous power. They can accuse or dismiss charges. They can conduct independent investigations. They can make recommendations to the community based on their findings. But that power is usually unknown to them because the District Attorney wields their power for them.

Grand Jury Indictment

During a grand jury indictment, the process can be very confusing and lengthy. With the help of the Corso Law Center, our qualified attorneys specialize in these legal matters. In the Gainesville areas we are known for our exceptional services that vary from criminal defense, immigration needs, divorce, and many trail cases.

We believe that by giving our clients the security and trust that they look for in an attorney will continue their decision to chose us over the other law firms in the Gainesville Ga area.

Criminal Law Attorney

With the amount of information you will obtain from a grand jury indictment, it can become quite overwhelming in any case. We at CLC are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process. If you are looking for a trusted attorney in Gainesville to defend you in the court of law, look no further than the CLC law firm. Not only do we offer grand jury indictment services but also services in family law, immigration, criminal defense, and more. We are not limited to the services that we offer and believe we can assist any client with their legal needs.

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