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Marriage is a sacred institution. The vows we take upon marriage signify an utmost commitment. Unfortunately though, through no fault of your own, you may find yourself in a situation where your spouse refuses to invest the time and effort necessary to maintain a healthy marriage. Constant screaming matches in the kitchen, infidelity, violence and abuse—all these symptoms of a failing marriage horribly affect the lives of you and your children. But you don’t have to continue to suffer.

Family Law Attorney in Buford

We at CLC are available to assist you with any family law cases that may arise. We take these family matters very seriously and dedicate our time and effort to help this process run smoothly. Whether this situation is divorce, separation, child support, child custody, or any other family law issue people in the Gainesville Ga area chose the Corso Law Center. Out clients will tell you that we have exceeded their expectations as they continue to count on our services for their legal matters.

Qualified Divorce Lawyer in the Suwanee Area

In terms of a divorce, the process may seem overwhelming with procedures, meetings, and paper work. With CLC you can rest assure that we are handling  your case  with the utmost care and concern. We understand during a divorce can be a stressful time so we are here to help you with this transition. We work over and beyond the normal attorney services because we are dedicated to giving our clients all that we have. With years of experience in family law we are available whenever you need assistance.

Counseling & Separation
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support
Distribution of Marital Assets & Marital Debts
Modifications: Child Support, Custody & Visitation
Violations of Divorce Decrees: Motions for Contempt

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