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If you have children, then they will be a primary concern in your divorce. Who will the children live with, and how much visitation will be awarded? Most couples are able to reach an agreement on the physical custody of the kids. When couples are not able to agree, then a judge will decide. Judges look at a variety of factors to determine custody issues. Who has been the primary caretaker of the children? What are the work schedules of both parents? Has there been a history of any domestic violence or substance abuse by one spouse or the other? How old are the children, and have they reached an age where they can formulate an opinion regarding with whom they want to live? These are just some of the questions that a judge will ask when arriving at a custody award. You need attorneys who know all of the factors that judges consider, and who know how to present your case in the best light possible. Gainesville’s most trusted attorneys at CLC are here to provide you with complete services in these matters.

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The party who is not awarded custody will usually be awarded some form of visitation with the children. Most parents want as much visitation with their children as possible. To that end, one has to know beforehand exactly how the particular facts and circumstances of the case should be presented to persuade the judge to maximize the amount of visitation time.

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Many times, the party who is in fact awarded custody of the children wants to express his or her opinion regarding the visitation that the other spouse will receive.  Only an attorney can properly advise you as to the best options and possibilities for your given situation. In the Gainesville and surrounding areas we dedicate our services to our clients in need dealing with countless child custody and visitation cases. Our specialization in these matters will help make the  process run smooth and quickly for your convenience.

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