Gainesville Counseling & Separation Attorney

No attorney should ever tell you to get divorced. Marriage is private, and personal, that only you can make that decision. Just because your marriage has problems does not necessarily mean that all is lost. In fact, every marriage of any significant duration goes through rough times. Many factors complicate a marriage. When money is not coming in like it was before, when the children misbehave, or when friends and family of your spouse constantly interject themselves into your marriage, you may find that your relationship begins to suffer. That’s natural. We see it every day. And there are solutions to these obstacles that marriages face. Marriage counseling is a good option. We have a list of first-rate marriage counselors who will help you and your spouse learn the solutions to resolve marital discord. If marriage counseling is a viable option for you, come to our office for advice on which counsels will suit your needs. Located in Gainesville, the CLC group is just a phone call away to help assist you in all of your counseling and  legal separation needs.

Separation Agreements

Also, before filing for divorce, some people want a cooling off period, a time when they can live apart from their spouse to collect themselves and renew their energies, with a plan on returning to their spouse with a fresh drive and perspective. We can help. We can draft for you and your spouse a comprehensive legal separation agreement that will address all the concerns you will have when you separate.

Divorce Lawyer in Gainesville

We know your worries and your doubts. We have the experience and expertise to draft binding separation agreements to ensure that you are protected while you focus on healing and reviving your marriage. At CLC in Gainesville, we understand that a separation is an emotional and stressful time. That is why we offer our services so we can handle the legal side of the situation.

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