Qualified Divorce Attorney in Gainesville

At CLC, we generally advise the public to work on their marriages and to seek marriage counseling. Many times, a failing marriage can be saved.  As attorneys who have handled thousands of divorce cases, we know that, unfortunately, some marriages are beyond hope. Sometimes, it’s over.  If you are looking for a divorce lawyer look no further than Gainesville’s very own Corso Law Center. We are highly qualified in all divorce legal actions and are available around the clock to assist you.

Family Law Attorney

Divorce is unimaginably stressful and can be very hard on your family. If you are having marital problems, then the questions you have about your future are varied and numerous. Who gets the house? Who will pay for all of the debts? What about the children; where will they live? How much child support needs to be paid? What about alimony? How will the possessions that you have collected over the years with your spouse be divided up? What about the vehicles? Will the retirement accounts and 401k be apportioned out, and if so, who gets how much? What about the bank accounts? Is your spouse hiding assets or opening new accounts to keep money from you?

Trusted Divorce Lawyer

At CLC we provide services so that we can handle all your legal actions and assist you throughout the process of a divorce. We are available to help any way that we can to make this transition seamless and cause the least amount of stress on your family. Let us counsel you about what the law says on these issues, and let us guide and protect you so that you don’t go through this alone. Feel free to contact our Gainesville, GA office today regarding divorce or separation so that we may answer any questions you may have.

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