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If you have been divorced, then the judge in your case ruled on certain aspects of your marriage. Maybe the judge awarded custody of the children to your former spouse. Maybe the judge ordered you to pay child support.  If the situation has changed now from how it was before, then a modification of that judge’s order may be necessary. In the Gainesville and surrounding areas, the Corso Law Center is ready to take on any case you may have in family law. Whether you are going through a divorce separation or even fighting for child custody, support of visitation rights it is best to know your rights. We are also  available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding any of these legal actions.

Trusted Family Law Attorney

What if you have lost your job, or your earnings have been significantly decreased, or one of your children has now reached the age of 18? Is it fair for you to keep paying the same amount of child support to your ex-spouse that you were paying before? You may need a modification of your child support obligation. What if you want to move out-of-state? What if, now, the children don’t want to live with your former spouse at all, or, worse, you suspect that your children are being mistreated or abused in your former spouse’s home? A custody change may be necessary.

Child Support Lawyer

We can help you modify a judge’s prior divorce decree so that it is fair to you and your children considering your present circumstances. In CLC, we believe family is very valuable and should be handled with the utmost care. We are dedicated to our clients and give our undivided attention to all family matters that may arise. With our around the clock services and convenient Gainesville location, we are available whenever you need a dependable attorney to help assist you with all of your family law needs.

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