Gainesville Divorce Attorney

If you have been divorced, then the judge imposed obligations and restrictions on your former spouse. What happens if he or she chooses to ignore or violate the judge’s order? Must you simply accept your former spouse’s disregard of your rights? Absolutely not. You may file a petition called a “Motion for Contempt,” wherein you explain to the judge how your former spouse is violating your divorce decree. You can ask that the judge punish your ex-spouse; a judge here in Georgia can order that the fees you paid to your attorney be reimbursed to you, and can even incarcerate your former spouse for noncompliance.

Family Law Attorney

Whether your former spouse is not paying the correct amount in child support, whether those payments are not coming in a timely fashion, whether the children are being mistreated while in his or her care—whatever the issue, you must insist that your former spouse abide by the court’s order. We will help protect and enforce your rights. At CLC, we provided all services to meet all your legal needs. Whether you are dealing with a separation, divorce, child support, child custody, there is not a case to large or to small for the attorneys of Gainesville’s best know law firm CLC.

Buford Separation Attorney

The divorce process can be lengthy and stressful. At CLC we take care all of the work for you so you don’t have to. We dedicate our time and efforts to ensuring quality services to keep our clients feeling valued and their best interest at hand. We understand how important family is and that is why we value your cases and individual specifications. Located in Gainesville, we are available around the clock to provide you with the best law  services around.

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