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Your Monetary Compensation

Another stress factor for victims of car accidents is the unending flow of medical bills. We all know that medical services are astonishingly expensive. Just a few days in a hospital can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And what if you need surgery? What if you need multiple surgeries? The costs can easily skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, that is just the beginning. After the immediate hospital stay comes the recovery. Many victims need expensive prescription drugs just to function on a daily basis. Many need physical therapy. After catastrophic accidents, counseling is often necessary. Will you be compensated for any disfigurement or scaring? How can one hope to force the insurance company to pay for all of these costs without legal representation? We will help. We will fight against the insurance company to make sure that you and your family receive every dollar that you deserve under the law.

Your Property Damage

Another important concern after an accident is your vehicle. We have heard the same questions thousands of times over the years. If your car is damaged, will the insurance company pay for the towing? Will they pay for the storage? The rental car? Will the insurance company give you maximum value if your car is declared a total loss? Not if you leave it up to them. You need someone on your side, someone who advocate for you.

Do Not Ruin Your Case!

We frequently have victims come into our office after they have themselves have settled their case. They realize, now, after the dust has settled, that they accepted an unfair and unjust amount of compensation, that they settled their case for pennies on the dollar. They want to know if they can reopen the negotiations to get fair compensation. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Once you sign the documents that the insurance company shoves in front of you, you have signed a legal, binding contract, and you are obligated to follow through with your agreement. Most likely, you have signed a full release of your all of your claims, which means all your claims are now gone. No attorney can get them back. Don’t ruin your case. At CLC, we are available for Gainesville and surrounding areas to assist in personal injury services and are just a call away.

Gainesville Personal Injury Lawyer

The insurance company will always look out for the insurance company—not you. The insurance company has more experience than you in these matters. They know about your financial needs. They know about your mortgage that needs to be paid, about the electricity bill, the gas bill. The insurance company knows all about the groceries. They think you are desperate for money. They have learned that if a case is worth $85,000, they can offer a quick $10,000 lump sum, and there are people who will accept that. Those people are not our clients. That $10,000 will often be eaten up immediately by the medical bills alone, leaving nothing left over for compensation of the person’s injuries. And now that person is in our office asking if he or she can reopen the case. Don’t be that person. Fight, with an attorney by your side, from the beginning. Don’t make a mistake that will permanently disadvantage you and your family. Trust the Corso Law Center group to handle all of your personal injury needs in the Gainesville, GA area.

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