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17. Motion for New Trial

If the judge, jury or prosecutor made errors during the trial, you have the right to ask for a new trial to correct the miscarriage of justice. In some cases, the filing of a motion for new trial is a prerequisite to the filing of an appeal. With CLC, we are here to assist you with any of these legal actions. We understand that this can be a confusing process and are here to help you understand all legal terms and processes. If you are looking for a Gainesville attorney in your areas, look no further than CLC. We are well known and trusted in GA as having the highest reputation in client satisfaction.

Buford Criminal Defense Attorney

We value each and every customer that we encounter and with our conveniently located offices in Gainesville it is easy to set up a meet and meet face to face with one of our professional attorneys. Our list of services range from family law of divorce, child custody, child support, to immigration services such as green cards, permanent residency and more. No case is to large or small for CLC, and we guarantee customer satisfaction in every legal issue that we handle.  Stop by our Gainesville office so that we may better assist you.

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