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12. Pretrial Motions Calendar

The scheduling of Pretrial motions is an important stop on the criminal justice highway. There are an infinite number of possible motions. A motion is simply a request for the court to act in some way on your case. But by far the most significant motion in a criminal case is the Motion to Suppress. A motion to suppress is an allegation that the evidence or statements obtained by the Government and which will be used against an accused were obtained in violation of the Constitutions of the United States and Georgia. If we can prevail upon the court that the Government obtained evidence illegally, the court will punish the Government by refusing to allow them to use the evidence against you. This almost always results in the case being dismissed! At our Gainesville location, the attorneys at CLC are available to assist you with all of your legal needs whatever they may be.

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When dealing with pretrial motions calendar of a judge, it is important to understand specifications of these matters. We at CLC are dedicated to help our clients understand the process and keep them updated on any changes that may occur. We understand that this can be a confusing and stressful time and that is why we offer our services to assist our clients with all of their legal needs. We not only offer assistance with pretrial motion calendar services but also deal with family law, criminal defense, and immigration services. With our wide variety of assistance, we are know as some of the most qualified attorneys in Gainesville, GA.

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