Man Caught Fishing Illegally To Be Deported

Family: Authorities Targeted Josue Castro
By Katie Brace, CBS Atlanta Reporter

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Beatriz Castro said she was not expecting to be separated from her husband nine months into their marriage.

Castro said her husband is in the U.S. illegally. He was caught fishing without a permit and is now scheduled to be deported.

On Friday, Josue Castro’s attorney said his client’s final attempt to stay was quashed. He went before a judge asking the arrest be thrown out, but the judge declined.

On May 25, Josue Castro was fishing on Lake Lanier in Hall County. Officials with the Department of Natural Resources arrested him on charges of fishing illegally.

DNR recorded the encounter. In part of it, an officer can be heard saying, “He don’t have no identification. He don’t speak good English. He don’t have a fishing license.”

Castro’s attorney said that statement proves law enforcement is using the 287-G program to deport all illegal immigrants, not just the people accused of serious crimes.

Arturo Corso asked, “Why is the agency approaching these men? Because of their browned skin.”
Hall County is one of several counties that partnered with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services. When officers book someone into the jail, the person’s citizenship is checked. If they are in the country illegally, the person is then handed over to the INS.

The Hall County Sheriff’s office said in this case, they were strictly called to transport Castro. They also dispute Corso’s allegations of racism.

The Department of Natural Resources said not providing a valid license is an arrestable offense.
The sheriff’s office said the INS was going to let Castro remain in the country; however, when the INS researched Castro, they found he had previously been deported and this was his second time in the U.S.

Corso said he expects Castro to be on a plane back to Honduras in the next two months.

Beatriz Castro was born in the U.S. She is planning to move to Honduras to be with her husband even though her family is in Georgia. She said he did not become a U.S. citizen when they were married because he was already here illegally.

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