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2. Suspect in a DUI

This is especially true during DUI investigations. When pulled over on suspicion of DUI, an officer will try to gather enough evidence to justify an arrest. An arrest is the only way that the officer will be able to force you to take a blood/breath/urine test. If the officer asks you to submit to one of these tests before you are arrested, the results will be inadmissible! How do they gather this evidence, you ask? By conducting so-called “field sobriety tests.” These “tests” are designed to make you fail. These tests are ridiculous. These tests are not required by any law. You can and should refuse to perform these tests! If you perform these tests, you will only give the officer the reasons he needs to arrest you. Even the hand held breath test (called an Alco-Sensor) is a field test that you have every right to refuse.

DUI Suspect

The Second Rule of Criminal Defense:

This is an extension of the first rule: do not submit to field sobriety tests!

If you are actually arrested for DUI, the officer will likely ask you to submit to an official test of your blood/breath/urine. Only the officer can decided which of the tests he will request. If he requests breath and you say you will only take a blood test, that can be interpreted by the officer as a refusal. Again, you can refuse. It is your legal right. But this time a refusal has consequences. If you refuse this test your driver’s license will be administratively suspended for one year — even if you are proven not guilty.

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