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7. The First Appearance Hearing

This essential hearing is often conducted by closed circuit television between the accused, who is in jail, and the Magistrate, who is at the courthouse. This is where the judge tells you for the first time what the charges against you are going to be. Again, do not try and plead your case at this time. It is important to not say anything specific about your case or anything that could incriminate you, because it can be used against you in court. The judge will also ask you if you have a lawyer or want the court to appoint a public defender to represent you. This is also a chance for you to ask for a bond, if you do not have one already. Most importantly, this is your chance to request a preliminary hearing, also called a committal hearing or probable cause hearing.

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We at CLC, know that the first appearance hearing can be a stressful time and one that brings uncertainty. With our years of experts we can meet face to face to discuss all confidential legal matters with you and help assist you through this process. We are familiar with the Georgia Law system and are able to take you step by step through what will occur the day of your hearing.

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When dealing with a criminal offense or even divorce, it is important to choose a trusted attorney to defend you. In the Gainesville area, we are known for our quality services and dedicate our efforts to our clients who continue to choose use over the other law firms around. At CLC, we are committed to you as the client and will go over and beyond the needs of your case so that you are guaranteed satisfaction.

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