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15. Verdict

The end of the trial brings the jury’s verdict. It will be either guilty or not guilty (in very rare cases a finding of not guilty by reason of insanity is possible). The jury will not find you “innocent.” However disconcerting this concept, a not guilty verdict is good enough and we will take it! If the verdict is guilty, we move to sentencing. With the help of CLC, we are available to help assist you in explaining legal terms and outcomes of a trial. Gainesville’s most trusted law firm, CLC works around the clock to dedicate their efforts to each client that we encounter.

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With the help of Gainesville’s most trusted attorneys, we at CLC provide exceptional services no matter how large or small the case may be. We can assist you in any criminal defense services, family law, or even immigration services. Our Gainesville location makes it easy to stop in and discuss legal issues further with one of our highly qualifies attorneys. At CLC, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and are willing to go over and beyond your needs a valued customer.

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