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You Need Medical Treatment

After your accident, your overarching concern is your health. You want your body to be capable of doing everything it could before the accident. Thus the first priority is medical treatment. You may find, though, that your health is not your employer’s first priority. You may find that your employer, who you worked so hard for in the past, now is thinking more about saving money than about you. We have people come into our office who say that their employer didn’t even allow them to go to the doctor. They were told to take an aspirin, and then get back to work. Told to take 15 minutes off, then get back to work. Go get an ice pack, then get back to work. It’s outrageous. We, as your attorneys, will advise you how to select a doctor that will provide you with immediate medical attention, and further that will be compensated solely by Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Not a penny out of your pocket, and you will get the treatment you need.

Your Money

Your employer needs money to stay in business. But you and your family need money to survive. When you suffer an accident, you are not able to work like before, and you and your family are now put at risk. Who will pay your bills? So many people come into our office who have been out of work for weeks and have not received a dime from their employer. They have worked tirelessly for their company over the years, and when the company refuses to come through for them in their time of need, they are shocked. We aren’t. We see it every day. We know how to force your employer to pay you the money you’re entitled to. If you, like so many others after an accident, should receive weekly payments known as wage benefits from your employer, we will get those benefits for you. Many people who receive their wage benefits believe that the amount is too small.

There’s a legal calculation that must be done to determine the precise amount of wage benefits, and may employer calculate the amount wrong, in their favor. We, after obtaining copies of your pay-stubs, will calculate the exact amount you should be receiving. Don’t let your company shortchange you now after you have worked relentlessly for them.

Catastrophic Injuries and Death

Unfortunately, not all injuries heal with time. Some injuries are so serious that a victim will never be as he or she was before the accident. Even worse, some people don’t survive their accident. In these grave situations, you simply must hire an attorney. Severe injuries are exactly the injuries that employers fight against the most, because the amount of compensation the victim stands to receive is so great.

Workers Compensation Attorney

If you have suffered a serious injury, you need an attorney more than you know. Aside from your faith and your family, there’s nothing more important than your body. Your body is your foremost tool with which to provide for your loved ones and to serve your community. After a serious injury to your body, you will be so emotionally occupied with your injury that you simply will not be able to tolerate conversations with your employer’s insurance company, who will be nickel-and-diming you at every turn. Far better it is to let us fight the insurance companies. You focus on healing. We will be in continuous communications with your employer, with the insurance companies, with your doctors, and with the Georgia State Board of Worker’s Compensation; we will hold everyone accountable to ensure that you and your family receive all the compensation the law allows. You can’t do it alone. Let us help.

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