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6. Posting a Bail Bond

When you are delivered to the jail, you may have a chance to post a bond immediately, especially if the crime charged is a simple misdemeanor. A bond is an amount of money you can pay as a deposit or guarantee that you will come back to Court when your case is called for trial. This process is also called “being bailed out” or “bailing out.” Of course, there are exceptions. If you are charged with being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not be released until you are sober. If charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, you will not be released until your First Appearance with a Magistrate. At the jail, there are often preset bond amounts for common offenses such as DUI, Shoplifting, Possession of Marijuana, etc. This is called a “schedule” of bonds. Remember that under Georgia law, you MUST be given a bond for any misdemeanor offense.

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If you are already on probation and commit a new offense, or are re-arrested for violating your previous misdemeanor bond conditions, you will likely be denied any bond. For felony offenses, schedule bonds are still possible, but less likely.  There are three ways to post a bond: cash, property or surety. At CLC, we are thorough with our services to provide you with accurate information to complete your bail bond correctly.

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A cash bond is exactly what you think it is — paying a sum of currency in full directly to the jail. When the case is over, you get all of your money back. If you don’t come to court every time required, you will lose that money to the government. A property bond is also paid at the jail, but instead of cash, you offer the title to a piece of real property as collateral for your appearance. Each county jail has different rules about posting property. But sum are universal. The accused may not be on the title of the property. All persons named on the title must sign the bond. The difference between the county valuation of the property and the total debt on the property is the equity amount. The equity amount must be greater than the bond amount, often by a factor of two. It is the responsibility of the person posting the bond to bring proof of title ownership and mortgage balance to the jail. In Gainesville and surrounding areas we are known for our assistance in criminal law services and can assist you around the clock in matters of bail bonds.

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